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If you want a chiropractic care facility that empowers patients with health care solutions that are natural, come to Integrity Chiropractic And Wellness in Findlay, Ohio. The focus at our facility is on preventative measures to keep you healthy. This is in direct contrast to other chiropractic facilities who only step in to help once an issue arises. We make patients feel right at home. The atmosphere is warm and cozy, and the staff is friendly. 


We feel good relations with our patients are every bit as important as the medical services themselves. We are successful because people are now looking for alternatives to traditional medicine. That is precisely what Integrity Chiropractic And Wellness provides.

Meet Dr. Hamilton Wetzel, an established chiropractor in Findlay, OH. His initial examination is designed to look at the "whole person," instead of merely the problem spots. In this manner, he can best determine why the trouble is occurring, give an accurate diagnosis, and prescribe treatment. All treatments and medical therapies are decided upon based on the individual needs of the patient, NOT a one-size-fits-all method. It even includes nutrition as part of the recuperation package.

Integrity Chiropractic And Wellness receives rave reviews from numerous patients. These people are enthralled with their use of holistic approaches to chiropractic medicine and the staff's overall positive treatment of patients. One happy person said she likes the fact that the doctor listens when someone is describing his or her issues to him. There are some reviews that indicate 100% satisfaction with Integrity.

Our therapy methods are professional and effective. They include cold laser therapy, network spinal analysis, therapeutic massages, and a highly diversified assortment of other techniques. Our doctors and support staff personnel are expertly trained in all facets of chiropractic care. This is true of administering all techniques and therapies. You can relax knowing you are in good hands here.

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