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Reasons to receive Nutritional Counseling

Reasons to receive Nutritional Counseling | blog-feature-image

Nutritional Counseling for Better Health

What you eat has more of an effect on how you feel than you might realize. Not only does good nutrition and adequate food intake helps you feel alert and healthy, but a healthy diet can subtly support your body in terms of joint and muscle health. However, general nutrition advice is often confusing and tends to clash, with one person promoting a certain way of eating while another promotes a different way. At Integrity Chiropractic and Wellness, we use nutritional counseling to offer our patients personalized options in supporting their health and wellness through optimal dietary care.

Understanding Nutrition and Body Health

You know that what you eat can make you feel energized or sluggish. However, your diet also has longer-term effects ranging from weight control to how resilient your joints and muscles are. When your body doesn’t receive a supportive diet, it can lead to you feeling weaker, and your muscles and joints might not handle injury as well as they could.

Following a daily diet that is based on professional advice is a great start. However, our team understands that no single nutritional plan works for everyone. That’s why we will work with you every step of the way, continuously modifying your diet to fit your unique needs. We can add more of a certain nutrient or reduce specific foods. For example, you may find that dairy doesn’t agree with you, in which case you’d need to find an acceptable substitute food while still intaking a suitable amount of vitamin D.

We also understand that foods are not always the best way to intake the necessary vitamins and nutrients you need for optimal performance during daily activities. Therefore, our team will advise certain supplements for you to take to benefit your health and wellness.

Contact Us for Nutritional Advice in Findlay

Our chiropractor at Integrity Chiropractic and Wellness offers nutritional advice to patients in and around the Findlay area. If you want a customized guide to eating well for your body’s health, call us at (419) 424-0100 to make an appointment for our nutritional counseling. We are committed to providing our patients the care they need to live their best lives. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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