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  • Dr. Hamilton Wetzel

Staying Healthy During the Holidays

This time of year ranks at the top of the list as one of the most stressful seasons. The days get shorter and colder and seem to be packed with activities and events that revolve around indulgent foods high in sugar. This leaves our immune system worn out and susceptible to opportunist germs like the flu or stomach virus. 

Sugar lowers your immune system for 8 hours after you ingest it and if you are eating it at every meal, it never gets a chance to rebound. Add that to over scheduling and being around other people with lowered immune systems and eating foods off party platters is just a recipe for disaster. 

We all want to celebrate and enjoy our families and maybe even travel, so make sure to take care of your self and your family to prevent illness. Here are 3 tips to staying healthy during the holidays:

1. Get adjusted! Every system in your body is coordinated by the nervous system and a chiropractic adjustment directly affects the nervous system. Your immune system creates white blood cells to fight off disease. A study done in Chicago showed that people that get adjusted by a chiropractor have higher white blood cell counts and 50% increase in immunity just 15 minutes after the adjustment. If you haven't been in to see us, give Amy at the front desk a call and get one scheduled (419) 424-0100.

2. Stock up on products that boost your immune system and use them as preventatives to keep you well all year long. A few things we keep on hand are:

elderberry syrup - a natural cough syrup

raw, local honey - soothes a scratchy throat

probiotics - to build up our natural defense

fermented foods - helps with digestion

citrus fruit - naturally high in vitamin C

3. Have natural remedies at home so you have them when you need them. Essential Oils have been scientifically proven to fight against microbes like bacteria, viruses and parasites. Here are the top 10 oils to have at home:

1. On Guard - this protective blend helps boost your immune system

2. Melaleuca - AKA Tea Tree is a great anti-septic

3. Breathe - the respiratory blend helps with everything respiratory

4. Digestzen - the digestive blend helps with all things belly related

5. Oregano - this spicy herb helps with the nasty stuff...stomach bugs

6. Peppermint - is great for headaches, bellyaches, and opens airways

7. Lemon - is a digestive aid and helps cleanse your body as well as your kitchen

8. Lavender - helps you unwind, is a natural anti-histamine and smells great

9. Frankincense - is the go to for EVERYTHING

10. Deep Blue - the soothing blend is perfect to rub on those sore feet after all that shopping

We wish you all a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving and would love to help you and your family in any way we can. If you are wondering how to get started using natural remedies in your home, just give us a call and we can get you started on the right path. If you are new to essential oils and want to get 25% off the top 10 oils, and Jen as your health coach, just send her a message jen@ihcare.com or come to our next workshop.

Natural Immunity: Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

Thursday, November 14 at 6:00 p.m.

Dr. Hamilton & Jen are teaming up to bring you this workshop full of tips on how to naturally boost your immune system. No one wants to be sick during the holidays, so stop by and learn how to stay healthy.